Comprehensive global asset allocation can neutralize the risks specific to individual securities, industries, and countries. In capital markets with randomly changing security prices, it is not possible to consistently predict which assets within the capital markets will outperform or underperform the market as a whole.While higher returns are not obtainable without assuming greater risk, one can assume more risk without any expectation of earning a higher return. In other words, there exists, good risk and bad risk. We can identify the reckless risks and do away with them through careful and deliberate diversification. This leaves a portfolio exposed only to that risk that cannot be "diversified away." Investors can therefore expect to be compensated with higher returns in exchange for bearing this risk.



Long-term discipline is a cornerstone of successful investing. Capital markets are inherently unpredictable, and investors are rewarded for putting their capital at risk during inevitable bull and bear market cycles. Market history shows that bull market cycles last longer than bear market cycles and produce cumulative gains that more than offset losses experienced in bear markets. AIS plays a key role in educating clients about asset class investing, developing portfolio allocations to meet specific objectives, and helping them maintain the necessary discipline to meet long-term goals.

Low Cost

When it comes to fees, transparency is essential. No investor should consider a product or service that does not fully disclose all investment-related costs. Because we are not affiliated with any product provider, we are free to choose from the entire universe of investment vehicles and services, and we have developed considerable expertise in assessing hidden costs.

There are three components of cost in our program:

  • AIS management fee: We strive to keep our asset-based fee among the lowest in our industry.

  • Mutual fund expenses: We constantly scour the universe of index–type mutual funds and exchange traded funds for the most cost–effective vehicles available.

  • Brokerage fees: Our clients benefit from extremely low commission schedules through three discount brokers who compete for our business.


Fees Matter

assumedannualizedreturnOver long time periods, high management fees and related expenses can be a significant drag on wealth creation.

Index-type investments generally maintain lower fees than the average actively managed investment by minimizing trading costs and eliminating the costs of researching stocks.


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